Spam Technology Spamwads

Just a public service announcement to warn everyone that are aReunion_dot_com_logo bunch of friggin’ spammers.  Several months ago, I got one of those “[Coworker name] is searching for you on!  Go to now to connect!” emails.

So, having had no problems with MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn, I naively assumed that would follow the same policy at sign-up, and allow me to optionally send my friends an email asking them to connect with me at

No such luck–even though I consider myself fairly savvy with technology and have 10 years experience in the Information Technology world, I still ended up sending invites to EVERYONE in my Gmail address book.’s account sign-up process is very deceptive and tricky when it comes to extracting your email address book.

Apparently, everyone who got spammed in my name (“spoofed” would be the term) just ignored the emails that appeared to have come from me (but which were really sent without my approval by  Sorry everybody!

Yesterday, a couple of my friends got burned by this same scam–don’t feel bad!  I led the way in letting these jerks use me as a spam source.

Read more about at Wikipedia, this influential technologist’s blog, and at the Better Business Bureau, where the BBB gives a well-deserved grade of “F.”

UPDATE: Reunion has now changed their name to