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Wauwatosa Schools All-City String Festival 2008

There’s a day late and a dollar short, and then there’s two-and-a-half months late and my MasterCard balance.  Me posting pictures last night of Nathan’s April 29 orchestra concert falls squarely in the latter category.

Wauwatosa All-City String Festival 2008 panorama

This particular concert is quite impressive, both the scale (500+ students ALL PLAYING AT THE SAME TIME) and the level of commitment on the part of the teachers and parents to children’s musical education.

The panoramic shot you see here was assembled from five photos using Adobe Photoshop CS3’s “Photomerge” utility.  Not too bad, I think, considering all shots were taken hand-held and not on any kind of tripod-based pano-head assembly.

The full set of photos can be found on my Flickr site.