Random Facts

Single dad (of Nathan — his Facebook page, and a YouTube channel he runs with his friend Charlie).

Evangelical Christian (please click the link to understand what I mean by “evangelical” — it’s not about politics, it’s about the gospel).  I go to Northwest Baptist Church — please feel free to stop by at 10:30 some Sunday morning and say Hello!  I’ll either be on stage playing auxiliary keyboards or in the tech booth pushing faders on the awesome Behringer X32.

Photography “buff.”  (Flickr | Google Photos | 500px | Instagram)

“iPhone or Android?” : iPhone, since 2008.

Favorite decompression activity: cutting the cord with Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, BritBox, YouTube or Amazon Prime Video.

Car guy, of the Car & Driver variety.

Edumacation: I have a degree in Theology from Bethel University — BA Theology, 1995, and an Associate Degree in Science and Engineering from the University of Minnesota, 1993.

Most commonly quoted TV show: Seinfeld.


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