BroWeek08: Too Tired

So: my grand plans to blog Brothers’ Weekend 2008 every few hours have failed miserably. And now it’s 12:27am on Sunday, and I’m just too tired to really write much.

Plus I had hoped to transfer the pictures I’ve been taking with my iPhone onto my laptop and blog from there, but there have been some technical difficulties… so this post is coming from my iPhone again.

The St. Paul Cathedral

Thus, I leave you with only a picture of the St. Paul Cathedral, taken from a spot directly adjacent to the parking lot where I used to park the summer (of 1994) I worked at the St. Paul Companies. Lots of good and bad memories reintroduced themselves at that moment this morning.

Okay… gotta get some sleep. We’re going to take the scenic route back home, along the Mississippi, through Red Wing, Winona, La Crosse and so forth. Dan wants to get going at the crazy hour of 9:00am!

BroWeek08: Hour Two

I’m two hours into BroWeek08, and I’ve already (over)eaten my first tasty meal–at the Lake Mills McDonald’s. Those McSkillet burritos are mighty good, I tell you what.

Speaking of being with my brother and McDonald’s, we were just reminiscing about how we used to eat McD’s every Sunday evening and watch “Space 1999” when we were kids. Nobody ever listened to Captain Koenig, poor guy. Current discussion topic: why work sucks. Gotta go!